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Best Diamonds in Schererville are at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

No engagement ring is complete without a diamond. These brilliant, beautiful gemstones have long been a symbol of romance, luxury, and commitment. Their shape, size, and color make each gem completely unique. From slim marquise to spectacular princesses, there is a phenomenal variety of diamonds available. Each caters to a distinct taste while offering its own aesthetic. At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we have a plethora of diamonds in our inventory. While each one is glamorous and breathtaking, some are more suitable for certain settings than others. That’s why it is essential to meet an expert for a consultation. 

Shop with a Trusted Diamond Specialist

Diamond specialists are trained and certified professionals. They have been educated by trade organizations like the Gemological Institute of America to be experts in gemology. Sometimes called gemologists, they are able to grade diamonds based on the “4Cs”: clarity, cut, color, and carat. They are also able to help pair diamonds with appropriate settings, such as three stone, side stone, and halos. We recommend reserving an appointment with one of our staff members today, so as to guarantee a personalized journey into our inventory of diamonds. After a consultation, you’ll be confident in your decision to buy a magnificent diamond.

Hand Pick the Perfect Stone for an Engagement Ring

For generations, gemcutters have been crafting a plethora of sublime diamond cuts. Our jewelry store is full of exquisite loose diamonds perfect for your engagement ring. Round cut stones provide a classic brilliance that can’t be found anywhere else. They are suitable for anyone who prefers the timeless. The princess cut exhibits an enchanting square design with a modern aesthetic, projecting regal feminine energy. Emerald shaped diamonds have long, rectangular facets. Their light display resembles an infinite hallway, showing off a diamond’s quality beautifully, so they are excellent for exhibiting a high-quality gemstone.

Consult with a Diamond Expert at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers Today!

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has continued to provide superior jewelry services to Schererville, Indiana since our company’s inception. With our vast selection of enchanting diamonds and engagement ring settings to put them in, you can find romantic bridal jewelry to last many lifetimes. We have partnered with several of today’s top designer brands to ensure that every customer leaves with the ring of their dreams. To better serve you and your loved ones, we offer a variety of professional jewelry repair services including prong replacement, resizing, stone replacement, and more. From purchase to inheritance, we guarantee a relationship with your jewelry that no other jeweler can provide. Contact us at (219) 322-2700 to learn more about everything we have to offer.