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All About the Princess Cut 

The unique appearance of a princess cut diamond is unmistakable with its square shape, pointed corners, and up to 76 facets. These diamonds are known for their brilliant contrast between the light and dark nuances of the inner stone which allows the light to reflect brilliantly when the stone is rotated. The length to width ratio of a princess cut diamond is ideally a 1.00 measurement, resulting in a perfectly square stone, however, even a 1.05 measurement will still appear seemingly perfect in the eye of the beholder. This cut, also known as the “modified brilliant cut,” combines sharp edges and dazzling light play to create a diamond shape reflective of modern sophistication.

History of the Princess Cut Diamond

In the 14th-century, diamond cutters began creating the Table Cut, distinguished by a square, flat top, and four angled sides. This simple cut reflected minimal light and dulled over time. As stonecutters learned to play with the placement and angles of multiple facets, this cut led to the french cut, with anywhere from 18-24 facets. As techniques continued to evolve, the lovely princess cut, which maximizes the effect of light playing off the nuances of the stone, was eventually born. 

While the design of this cut has been around since the 1960s, credit often goes to designers Betzalel Ambar, Israel Itzkowitz, and Ygal Perlman, who created the modern princess cut around 1980. The cut achieved the height of its popularity in the 80s and 90s and has retained this momentum as the second most popular cut available today – second only to the round brilliant cut.

Why Choose a Princess Cut Ring?

Princess cut diamonds look great no matter how they are used. Their dazzling brilliance makes them ideal for engagement rings, especially in a solitaire setting. They pair equally well with stones of complementary cuts or paired with additional princess cut stones into a three stone setting, resulting in a ring of unsurpassed sparkle and shine. The shape is often a favorite choice because it brings a mix of feminine romance and sleek modernity to any ring in a way that makes today’s bride stand out from the crowd. 

The eye-catching brilliance of these stones commands attention, making it easy to see why it is a favorite of many, including trendsetting celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Bosworth.