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Tips for Traveling with Your Fine Jewelry

March 26th, 2021

Traveling with Your Fine Jewelry

Beyond that, if you and your significant other are planning a dream honeymoon or vacation trip, here are some tips for traveling with your jewelry.

Deciding What to Take with You

For leisure travel, the rule of thumb is don't take anything you're going to worry about losing. It's best to leave pieces that have great monetary or emotional value at home. If you take valuable pieces, photograph them before you leave. That way, if they're lost and then found, the photos help prove they're yours.

Consider Inexpensive Substitutes

Depending on where you're going and what you'll be doing, consider taking and wearing a substitute, like cubic zirconia or perhaps a silicone wedding band. Or possibly, no rings at all.

Protecting Jewelry Left Behind

Don't leave valuable jewelry behind in your jewelry box. That's the first place a thief will look! Lock it up in a home safe or consider renting a safety deposit box while you're away.

Packing Your Jewelry

A few packing tips:

  • Organize smaller items in a 7-day pillbox. They're cheap and sturdy, and they help you plan what you're wearing each day.
  • Keep necklace chains tangle-free by placing each one through a drinking straw, close the clasp over the end of the straw, and put all the straws in a toothbrush holder to keep them contained.
  • Another suggestion: You might want to buy a compartmentalized jewelry case, also called a jewelry roll, to keep jewelry pieces separated and organized.

Carrying Your Jewelry

Pack your valuable jewelry in your carry-on baggage, never in your checked baggage where it can get lost. And always try to keep your carry-on in your line of sight.

Storing at Your Hotel

Never leave expensive jewelry out in your hotel room, even in your baggage. Use the room's safe, and if there isn't one, ask the front desk if they have a safe you can use.

Happy Travels!

With these tips, we wish you happy traveling, and for the finest selection of designer engagement rings in Indiana, always think first of Albert's Diamond Jewelers.