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The Perfect Accessories for Your Autumn Wedding

August 5th, 2023

A bride having a ribbon tied into her hair by someone wearing an elaborate bracelet

On your wedding day, every detail matters - including accessories. They enhance your attire, adding elegance and personality. At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we understand this significance. Our vast selection of exquisite fashion jewelry - from sparkling earrings to striking bracelets and necklaces - is handpicked to add that extra sparkle to your special day. Visit us and explore our collection, each piece carefully curated for its timeless appeal and distinctive style. Embrace the magic of love with Albert's Diamond Jewelers - where your wedding day becomes extraordinary.

A white and yellow gold Bulova watch with a black leather strap

Gold Dress Watch

Transform your look with an aura of class and sophistication on your big day with a gold dress watch, like this yellow gold Bulova watch, which is an impeccable choice for grooms. The watch's warm yellow gold hue complements the rich, earthy colors of a fall wedding, lending a consistent sense of elegance. It's more than a timepiece - it's a statement that adds depth to your attire. With its luxurious appeal and superior craftsmanship, this Bulova watch is the ideal accessory for the discerning groom seeking to elevate his wedding day look.

A yellow gold ruby pendant necklace with diamond accents

Warm Pendant Necklace

Add a vibrant pop of color to your bridal ensemble with a pendant necklace, like this stunning yellow gold and ruby piece from Albert's Collection. The fiery ruby, set in gleaming gold, mirrors the hues of fall, making it an outstanding accessory for an autumn wedding. The warm color palette resonates with the falling leaves, harmonizing your look with the season's charm. With this radiant pendant, you can effortlessly bring the allure of fall to your wedding day style.

A beaded bracelet with both gold and black beads alternating on one side, and all gold beads on the other

Men’s Beaded Bracelet

Grooms looking to express their unique style may want to consider a beaded bracelet, such as this remarkable piece from Italgem Steel. Its blend of precious metals and beads strikes a balance between traditional elegance and contemporary appeal. Whether worn alone or layered, this bracelet subtly captures attention without overshadowing your wedding ensemble. This Italgem piece is a distinctive accessory that grooms can carry from their wedding day to everyday style with effortless ease.

A pair of Lagos pearl drop earring with textured and mixed metal details

Pearl Earrings

For a wonderfully neutral accessory ideal for a fall wedding, consider pearls. Pearl earrings frame the face in soft shine and a hue that matches the pure and virtuous feel of the day. We’re particular fans of the pair of mixed metal drop earrings from Lagos that feature two stunning pearls. For an edgy bride looking for an accessory that speaks to their individuality, these earrings make an excellent choice.

A rose gold and diamond station bracelet by Shy Creation

Station Bracelet

Station bracelets, such as this elegant piece from Shy Creation, are an excellent choice for brides seeking further femininity in their wardrobe. Its design, featuring twinkling diamonds set intermittently, offers a graceful allure without overwhelming your bridal look. The bracelet's dainty nature enhances its charm, making it a subtle yet significant addition to your ensemble. With its understated beauty, this Shy Creation station bracelet adds a delightful whisper of sophistication to your wedding day style.

A couple leaving their wedding, their friends holding sparklers above their heads

Shop Wedding Accessories at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

It would be our incredible pleasure here at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers to provide you with the accessories that will complete your dream wedding day ensemble. Our Schererville jewelry store is stocked with a truly exquisite inventory of hand-selected designer pieces that are of the highest quality. Allow our team of experts to guide you through our selection based on your personality, budget, lifestyle, and the look you are seeking to achieve for your wedding. Request an appointment today for a personalized consultation with one of our team members so that we can be sure you find the most desirable piece.