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The Engagement Ring Guide: Solitaires that Emanate Effortless Beauty

July 3rd, 2018

The Engagement Ring Guide: Solitaires that Emanate Effortless Beauty

Perhaps no other ring quintessentially represents effortless sophistication as well as the diamond solitaire ring does. The concept of a solitaire piece is that it focuses on a single diamond or precious gemstone, making it the epitome of elevated simplicity. The diamond solitaire ring demands to be the main event by drawing attention straight to the heart of the ring, leaving no room for distraction that might take away from the purity of the precious gem.

The most popular solitaire jewelry comes in the form of diamond engagement rings. With one hundred percent of the emphasis on the center stone that screams "I do", these designs are long-established staples in the realm of bridal jewelry.

The beauty of solitaire engagement rings is that you can absolutely ensure the ring matches your individuality with the wide range of available cuts: from marquise to emerald, princess to radiant, and asscher to cushion.

Solitaire style engagement rings represent the purity of the stone without any diversion, prioritizing the incredible caliber of the diamond or precious gem.

However, signature cuts aren't the only way to make your solitaire engagement ring stand out. There are plenty of ways to make your ring pop, including alternative colors to traditional bands like rose gold.

With over 130 solitaire rings and more than 50 solitaire necklaces currently available, Albert's Diamond Jewelers understands the frame of mind a designer has when it comes to creating solitaire pieces. We believe that when it comes to finding the most regal engagement ring, a solitaire style is an unsurpassed choice.

Albert's Diamond Jewelers carries the most luxurious and sought-after brands in matrimonial jewelry. TACORI is one of the most notable names in the jewelry industry today, especially for those looking to find a unique bridal ring to last a lifetime. An impeccable brand with exquisite taste and an overwhelming amount of trust from its customers, Albert's is proud to carry over 30 different diamond solitaire engagement rings from TACORI.

Solitaire engagement rings at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

Equally as exciting is the amount of A. Jaffe styles available at Albert's. With an impressive count of up to 90 solitaire styles to choose from, A. Jaffe offers a myriad of band intricacies, varying colors and diverse metals.

Verragio, another well-known name in the world of bridal jewelry, puts forward the most ornate designs and breathtaking looks. The elaborate detail on every last Verragio solitaire diamond ring is utterly flawless. Contrasting metals and colors combine with the top prong look to help highlight the natural and glimmering beauty of the diamond. Every aspect of a Verragio ring helps to make the piece nothing short of magnificent.

No matter your preference or personal taste, solitaire pieces are incredible and timeless versions to behold.

When you start looking for your perfect engagement ring, make sure to visit Albert's Diamond Jewelers. Located in Northwest Indiana and established for over 100 years, Albert's has become one of the country's leading and largest family-owned jewelers in the United States.

We offer a tremendous collection of spectacular solitaire rings and always strive to do our best in guaranteeing each customer's experience is warm and inviting. Our number one goal: to make every customer feel as if they walk through the doors as a client and leave as a new member of the Albert's family.

For more information on the the wide array of engagement rings we have at our Merrillville and Schererville locations, please visit our website or call (800) 946-1491.