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Spotlight on Breitling Watches

February 15th, 2020

Spotlight on Breitling Watches

Breitling is a name that's synonymous with quality in the world of timepiece design, and here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, our collections of Breitling timepieces are phenomenally elegant. We're always pleased to introduce our customers to the Breitling piece that's right for them, but we've heard customers asking questions about the brand in particular and what sets them apart from other designers. Uniquely, Breitling is associated with the history of aviation, and whether you're a pilot, your loved one is one, or you're just in the market to get a watch that conjures up the cool of airplanes, Breitling might be the designer for you.

The History of Breitling

Breitling is one of the watchmakers that can claim the rare and iconic stamp of "Swiss-made," having been incorporated in the Swiss town of St. Imier in 1889 by L�on Breitling. By 1905, Breitling had made phenomenal innovations to timepiece design, ranging from a chronograph accurate to two-fifths of a second, movements whose power reserve lasted eight days, and a timer-tachymeter watch that could measure speed between 9.3 and 93.2 miles per hour.

By 1914, the company had been taken over by L�on's son, Gaston. The 20s marked a bold period of Breitling design, with complications and features being added that can still be found in the Albert's Diamond Jewelers watch finder. For example, Breitling was the first company to design a stopwatch that could measure multiple times in sequence. When Gaston's son, Willy, took over the company, he led Breitling into its wartime period, and his dual-pusher wrist chronographs, lightweight cases, slide-rules, and aviator-centric dials marked Breitling permanently as a watch ideal for pilots.

In the decades since, Breitling has been worn by astronauts, Italian flying aces, and French singers, marking it as a brand whose blend of style and substance is a worthy choice for any timepiece aficionado.

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Breitling for the Watch Lover

Your local jewelry store, Albert's Diamond Jewelers, in this case, should have a selection of Breitling watches that's right for your particular needs. At our showrooms, you can find a wide variety of Breitling timepieces from the Chronomat, Premier, Superocean, Avenger, and Navitimer lines. Navitimer watches, as an example, are distinguished by their slide-rule; Superocean pieces are carefully made to survive diving down to some of the sea's lowest depths.

Of course, this list isn't exhaustive! Designed with engineered 316L antimagnetic stainless-steel alloy or high-grade titanium, Breitling timepieces are made to endure a lifetime of use; ultra-sophisticated movement manufacture and testing keep customers from needing watch repair too often.

Regardless of your preferences or whether you're a longtime Breitling lover or new to their Swiss craftsmanship, there's something for you when you visit Albert's Diamond Jewelers. To browse our selections of Breitling watches or pieces from other designers like Michele, Shinola, or TAG Heuer, don't hesitate to give us a call at our showrooms: (219)-322-2700 for Schererville, Indiana; or (219)-769-1976 for Merrillville, Indiana!