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Sparkling Sapphires: September’s Alluring Birthstone

September 5th, 2023

a silver pendant necklace featuring deep blue sapphires in a jewelry box

September ushers in the mesmerizing allure of the sapphire, a gemstone symbolizing wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we cherish the deep significance of birthstone jewelry, each piece resonating a unique connection to its wearer, marking special moments in time. Revered throughout history, the sapphire is not only remarkable for its stunning range of blue hues but also for its impressive durability, second only to diamonds. This exceptional gem encapsulates the profound connection between nature's wonders and personal milestones. Celebrate your September moments or gift a cherished one with designer sapphire jewelry, exclusively at Albert's Diamond Jewelers.

a silver fashion ring featuring an oval cut sapphire and a diamond halo

Eye-Catching Fashion Ring

Elegantly showcasing the radiant beauty of any gem, bold fashion rings offer the quintessential canvas for birthstone jewelry. Positioned prominently on the hand, these statement pieces remain constantly in your line of sight, ensuring continual admiration of their brilliance. Every subtle hand movement lets the ring capture and refract light, magnifying its inherent beauty. As a prime example, consider this sapphire ring from our own in-house collection. Its enchanting design, complete with a glittering diamond halo, serves as a dreamy testament for those who lean towards ethereal elegance.

a silver textured bracelet featuring yellow gold details and tiny round cut sapphires

Versatile Sapphire Bracelet

With their dazzling presence on any wrist, bracelets serve as an ideal setting for showcasing birthstones. Every expressive gesture ensures these adornments seize attention, turning them into undeniable focal points. A bracelet designed with versatile aesthetics — neither excessively lavish nor overtly casual — enjoys the advantage of complementing myriad occasions, enhancing its cherished status in a jewelry collection. Take this Lagos bracelet as a prime example. Its distinctive caviar-like texture, emblematic of Lagos, naturally captivates the observer, guiding their eyes toward the radiant sapphires. Such masterful designs celebrate both the gem's allure and the artisan's craftsmanship.

a rose gold pendant necklace featuring an evil eye motif with a blue sapphire at its center

Trendy Pendant Necklace

Placing your birthstone at the very heart of your frame, a pendant necklace offers a mesmerizing focal point to any ensemble. This sapphire evil eye necklace by Shy Creation is a testament to this, harmoniously merging contemporary design with timeless elegance. Featuring the trendy evil eye motif, this piece centers around a deep blue sapphire that commands attention. Set in warm rose gold, the gem's cool blue tones are beautifully accentuated, producing a striking contrast. Its design, whether donned individually or layered with other pieces, ensures that the spotlight remains firmly on the enduring allure of the sapphire.

a silver pair of stud earrings featuring bezel set sapphires and diamond halos

Simple Stud Earrings

Positioned delicately to frame the face, stud earrings offer an intimate canvas to showcase one's birthstone. Clinging closely to the ear, they accentuate facial features while adding a touch of elegance. This bezel pair by Kelly Waters exemplifies this sentiment perfectly. Encased in a sleek design, these earrings not only highlight the sapphire's beauty but also feature accent diamonds that infuse extra sparkle. These added glimmers of light create a dynamic visual interplay, ensuring that the wearer not only feels adorned but also radiates an ineffable excitement with every turn of the head.

close up image of a hand wearing a yellow gold ring featuring a princess cut sapphire

Shop Sapphire Jewelry at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

For those in pursuit of the finest sapphire birthstone jewelry, look no further than Albert's Diamond Jewelers. With a legacy of excellence, our Schererville jewelry store boasts an array of pieces that combine masterful craftsmanship with pure elegance. Each creation is a testament to our dedication to quality and beauty. As you explore our curated selections, envision the perfect gem that complements your style and narrative. To fully immerse yourself in the Albert's experience, we invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation with our knowledgeable team members. Let us guide you to your next treasured piece today.