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Sneak Peek: Diamond Necklaces

April 18th, 2017

At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, our wonderful staff members specialize in helping our guests find the perfect jewelry item to suit their preference, or to give as a gift. As a proud authorized retailer of such sought-after names as A. Jaffe, TACORI, Pandora, and the many collections from the illustrious Le Vian, Albert's Diamond Jewelers is sure all customers can shop with confidence that among the various styles, is an ideal match.

To help shoppers choose from our hundreds of selections, we've prepared a short sneak peek on our distinguished lines of necklaces, specifically our wonderful diamond necklaces. Browse through diamond necklace types and the some of the many designer names Albert's Diamond Jewelers fine selection of Diamond Necklaces.

Diamond Necklace Looks

All jewelry aficionados know that a good diamond necklace is key to elevating an ensemble, or to simply add a touch of diamond brilliance and sparkle to an everyday outfit, but finding the perfect jewel can sometimes be trying, but at Albert's, we understand that although it might be hard, finding the ideal diamond necklace is incredibly possible.

Even with a specification like "diamond necklaces," there are a multitude of other looks and styles for fine jewelry items at Albert's Diamond Jewelers' Merrillville and Schererville showrooms. While all are luxurious in their own way, the key to any diamond necklace (and all jewelry really) is finding YOUR perfect match.

Contemporary jewelry designers find no limits to the designs for their necklaces. Some of our favorite styles include the following:


Possibly the largest assortment available at our galleries, pendant necklaces are an excellent option for personalized gift-giving. Pendants can have just about any sort of diamond charm on its chain. Our pendants come in a variety of shapes and colors commemorating different relationships and celebrating events. At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we have pendant necklaces with animals, nature, circles and squares, and a plethora of other shapes.

These stunners from Albert Diamond Jewelers' own, Albert's Collections and Le Vian respectively, celebrate the love shared between a mother and a child and boldly highlight a phenomenal set of emerald stones wrapped in an elegant square of diamonds.

To mark our appreciation for our furry friends, Albert's Collections also carries a multitude of pendant necklaces with pet designs on them to mark the bond between human and animal. Others, like this mesmerizing piece by Kabana, have no designated genre but are extremely appealing for their individualistic nature.


With solitaire necklaces, shoppers can choose from a range of jewelry that elegantly features one stunning stone. The master craftsman at A. Jaffe and our very own Albert's Collections have several that each feature one remarkable diamond.


Never have shoppers seen a choker like this. Abandoning the typical choker look, this ultra-chic piece still hangs close to the neck, but is elevated by its diamond, mother of pearl, and spiny oyster gemstones. In addition, this Kabana gem is set in 14 karat yellow gold, you will not find another similar to this wonderful piece.


Iconic, the epitome of love and affection in any and all relationships can and always will be told through the heart. At Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we carry an astonishingly large selection of diamond necklaces boldly featuring hearts.

From Albert's collections, we have several hearts that commemorate the love shared between a parent and child, between friends, or any other sort of love. Our hearts stand the test of time and some charming necklaces have been crafted with not a single heart design, but several.

Among the fine selection of heart necklaces Albert's also carries this Kabana Constellation necklace. Its infinite charm lies on its explicitly dark take on love emanated from their onyx stone.


Excited to meet the demand for high-quality jewelry, Albert's Diamond Jewelers has an endless assortment of necklaces with multi-colored gemstones. The design possibilities are almost endless with current designer names opting for a broad range of gemstones including onyx, sapphires, emerald, rhodolite, and many many more.

The exotic stunner from Kabana uses opal in its design, diamonds, and is made up of 14 karat yellow gold, while the beauty beside it is another necklace by TACORI integrating a beautiful amethyst center stone with a diamond halo.


Speaking of the halo, at Albert's we carry more than a few fascinating halos. The selection of gorgeous diamond adorned halos are inspired. From our very own, multi-tiered diamond designs to Le Vian Chocolatier pendants whose neon tangerine fire opal halo mixed with the sweet chocolate diamonds made famous be Le Vain make for a wonderful necklace.

Our selection of diamond necklaces is unparalleled! Our experienced staff are more than ready to show you some of the featured selections of any others you might like to see.

Shop With Us!

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