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New Year Trends for Watches

December 5th, 2022

Close up of a gold watch on a woman wearing white and holding a colorful clutch

All luxury watches are attractive, luxurious, and sublime. With the diverse quantity of styles, complications, and brands out there, it’s easy for everyone to find something perfect. However, with the tide of time, some attributes become trendier than others. 2023 is shaping up to be a particularly fashionable year. All of this year’s most sought-after watch collections are not only sure to be popular in 2023, but are also guaranteed to be beloved for years after. Find your new favorite timepiece at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

Three images of the front, back, and in the dark glowing of the same TAG Heuer watch

Minimalist: Sleek and Chic

Minimalism has been a mainstay in modern design, and timepieces are no exception to this cultural shift. These exquisite watches have few details or complications on the dial, which usually omit large numeral indices in favor of small gems or markings. They generally utilize stainless steel, rubber, carbon, and other understated materials. Minimalist watches have the benefit of being versatile and easy to pair with a great many types of outfits.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Automatic Watch is a fantastic example of this style. With its relatively unadorned face and monochromatic color scheme, it is a perfect pairing for formal and casual occasions alike.

Yellow gold and silver Michele watch with a squared case

Vintage: Unique and Luxurious

Vintage-inspired watches offer a wide range of aesthetics. Taking inspiration from centuries of watchmaking tradition, modern brands create all kinds of eccentric and unique pieces. This is why vintage is trendy: they ensure a distinctive look that can’t be found in contemporary pieces. Whether it's a colorful 1980s watch or an elegant 1920s piece, there’s something trendy for everyone.

This Michele Deco Two-Tone 18k Gold Diamond Dial Watch embodies this brand’s extraordinary attention to detail and luxurious style. Its intriguing rectangular case exhibits a mother of pearl dial with diamonds on the indices. Meanwhile, the chronograph gives the watch an essential and ever-helpful stopwatch function.

Silver Oris watch with a colorful dial

Sustainability: Attractive and Ethical

Pollution presents a very real threat to everyone, including people who wear watches. Many brands have introduced various environmentally conscious products and business practices. For example, IWC Shaffhausen uses only 100% recycled energy in manufacturing their high-end timepieces. As people become more aware of climate change, more sustainable watches will become more popular.

This Oris Stainless Steel Aquis Date Watch is a unique example of how watch companies are thinking about sustainability. The first thing one notices about this watch is its unusual dial. Its multicolor swirl is vibrant and stunning, and is actually made from recycled plastics.

Black and white G-Shock Burton Mudmaster Camouflage watch and snow-inspired band

Sporty: Versatile and Rugged

Sport watches are excellent companions for athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike. They possess a number of features that make them suitable for fitness and fast-paced activities. Lightweight and water-resistant materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber, and NATO textiles are vital for these pieces. Meanwhile, complications like chronographs, day, and alarm can be helpful for athletes and nature lovers alike.

Try this G-Shock Limited Edition Burton Mudmaster Connected Camouflage resin watch. The easy-to-read dial will be great while out on your daily run or for a weekend hiking trip in the woods. The band has a unique snow camouflage design that was inspired by the photographs of winter forests in British Columbia by world-renowned snowboard photographer, Dean Blotto Gray.

Hand lifting a watch with a white dial and a brown leather strap off of a round table

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