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Mix and Match: Best Engagement Ring Settings for Each Diamond Cut

February 25th, 2023

A couple holding hands, the woman’s hand wearing an oval cut halo engagement ring

Engagement ring shopping can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. Once you have your heart set on a specific diamond cut, it is time to begin the often-stressful task of shopping for the perfect setting to complete your ring. Fortunately, our stylish experts at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers have carefully compiled a guide to help you find the ideal setting to make your chosen diamond pop.

Two perspective images of the same silver ring with a round cut diamond diamond

Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are a very popular choice. Arguably, pieces that feature this cut are considered the poster child of engagement rings. Round cut diamonds are admired for the amount of light they give off because of their 58 expertly-cut facets. A simple solitaire setting puts all the attention on the center diamond, making it ideal for this shape.

Consider this platinum solitaire setting from A.JAFFE’s Classics collection. A.JAFFE is revered for their expert craftsmanship, and this engagement ring is no exception. Unlike similar rings, this setting features handcrafted prongs for increased diamond security and a signature slight squaring of the shank for maximum comfort.

Close up image of a silver engagement ring with a princess cut center diamond and halo/side stone setting

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds have surged in admiration from brides-to-be in recent years. They are characterized by a brilliant square shape, creating an artsy and unique piece that stands out wherever you go. These rings are best complemented by other diamonds because they create an eye-catching sparkle. Therefore, side stone or halo settings make the best choice for this shape.

This engagement ring setting from our in-house collection is the best of both worlds, as it masterfully combines a halo and side stone setting. The halo emphasizes the diamond and subtly softens its sharp edges. Meanwhile, the side stones are bouncing light into the underappreciated details of the ring and capturing the attention of onlookers.

Close up image of a silver engagement ring and wedding band, the engagement ring sporting a cushion cut center stone and elaborate metalwork

Cushion Cut

Similar to a princess cut diamond, a cushion cut diamond also features a squared shape but with sensual curved edges. This cut vaguely resembles a pillow, hence its name. A halo setting suits this cut well, as it puts a spotlight on the center stone and gives an illusion of a larger diamond. With this stone, bigger is definitely better.

Our experts are head-over-heels in love with this dramatic halo cushion ring from Love Story. This ring is also ideal for those on a tight budget, as the center stone is included. The intertwining shank also creates visual interest with negative space and accentuating side stones. This completed ring will be the center of attention in every room.

Two alternative perspectives of the same oval cut engagement ring with ornate details and diamond halo

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds are a fairly uncommon choice, but that does not mean they are not fashionable. This shape takes up more surface space, which beautifully harmonizes with any bride’s ring finger. Oval cut diamonds tend to appear on more vintage and eclectic designs, so they pair well with dramatic settings.

A.JAFFE designers have boldly combined vintage and eclectic elements in this quirky halo engagement ring setting. As a part of the Art Deco collection, this setting features an attention-grabbing halo adorned with diamonds and milgrain details. You will also find pave set side stones that complete the eye-catching shimmer of this piece.

Close up image of a silver engagement ring with a halo set marquise cut diamond center stone

Marquise Cut

Marquise-shaped diamonds have become the perfect selection for the bride who strives to stand out from the crowd. This shape was created by an 18th century French jeweler, who was commissioned by King Louis XV to craft a diamond that was shaped like the lips of his lover. Marquise diamonds are raved over for their brilliance, with fifty-six facets to catch everyone’s attention.

Therefore, a halo setting best accentuates this cut. Our expert jewelers have carefully designed this halo marquise setting to emphasize all the best parts of this exquisite diamond. The halo creates a more pronounced appearance on the ring finger. Wherever you go, this engagement ring will surely be a stunner.

Two alternative images of a silver engagement ring with a pear shaped center stone and two accent stones on either side

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds, also known as the “teardrop” cut, are slowly taking over the bridal industry, and we are not complaining. These diamonds are commonly found in contemporary and modern settings, setting the mood for the trendy bride. However, if you are seeking a more distinct ring, consider putting this shape on a three stone setting.

Gabriel & Co. shines with this three stone pear setting. This setting elevates the look of a pear-shaped diamond by placing two small, radiant cut diamonds on each side of it. While the band is unadorned for a more minimalist aesthetic, these two additional diamonds bring just the right amount of brilliance to the piece.

Two alternative perspective images of a silver solitaire engagement ring with an emerald cut center stone and a hidden diamond halo

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the first diamond shapes created, traced all the way back to the 1500s. Today, only 5% of diamonds are cut into this shape. Emerald cut diamonds feature parallel facets that were specifically placed for maximum brilliance. Solitaire settings are ideal for this cut, as the focus is placed on this rare cut.

This solitaire engagement ring setting from A.JAFFE is anything but basic. With hidden diamonds and artistic details that can only be viewed from the side, this setting is perfectly completed with an emerald cut diamond. Wow those with a discerning eye with this crowd-pleasing engagement ring.

Close up image of a silver engagement ring with a three stone setting and a radiant cut center stone

Radiant Cut

Bearing resemblance to the emerald cut, radiant cut diamonds feature a rectangular silhouette that is, as the name suggests, remarkably radiant. This cut outshines the classic round cut diamond, as it has 70 facets that reflect light in all directions. If you are looking for the most brilliant diamond shape on the market, this is it.

Three stone ring settings are an amazing choice to accentuate the elegance of the radiant cut diamond. Our in-house collection features a breathtaking three stone radiant setting that is sure to attract glances from friends and family. An expertly cut radiant diamond is complimented with smaller diamonds on each side, and the shank is adorned with side stones.

Close up image of a three stone, silver engagement ring against a black textured background

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