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How to Pick Gemstone Wedding Bands

February 15th, 2022

How to Pick Gemstone Wedding Bands

Gemstone wedding bands are seeing a significant increase in popularity among brides and grooms alike. Gone are the days when a wedding band must be simplistic, when the engagement ring must be the star of the show. Instead, designers and consumers are viewing the wedding band as another opportunity to add intrigue and brilliance to their bridal set.

A Fresh Take on a Classic Symbol

Historically, the wedding band has been more of an afterthought than the engagement ring. Typically, more money is spent on the engagement ring and it has a more intricate, more eye-catching design. The wedding ring, then, is traditionally simplistic in design, chosen for versatility and durability rather than for beauty.

However, trends in bridal jewelry are leaning towards more dynamic wedding band designs, with glittering gemstones and intricate metalwork elevating the wedding band to equal footing with the engagement ring. Rather than a centerpiece and a supporting act, the two rings can now be considered a beautiful, complementary pair.

Couple in the Rain

Customize with Color

Adding color through rich gemstones is a fantastic way to personalize a wedding band. Colorful gemstones allow you to add your or your partner’s personality to the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your lives together.

For those who love making a statement with their style and wardrobe, gemstone wedding bands are a fitting option. A band of immaculate, colorful gemstones will not go unnoticed.


Choosing Your Gems

Choosing a gemstone wedding band is an opportunity for you and your partner to add even more significance and sentimental value to the piece. Pick a gemstone that holds specific meaning for you both. Your partner’s birthstone or the birthstone of the month you both met or are to be married are all fitting choices for your wedding band.

You may also want to choose colors that are trending the year of your wedding. Color trend forecasters like Pantone and WGSN have announced what they predict to be the most popular colors of 2022. For Pantone, Veri-Peri – a periwinkle hue – will be trend-setting; WGSN predicts Orchid Flower – a saturated magenta – will take the world by storm.

Mosaic Masterpiece

But why stop at just one color? Top designers are offering gemstone wedding bands featuring a myriad of exciting shades. A color gradient is lovely and sophisticated while a rainbow of bright colors is joyful and unique.

Choose a ring whose gemstones alternate between a deep, rich color and crystal clear diamonds. The addition of diamonds in your wedding band will help the ring better complement the engagement ring, blending the two into a fitting pair.

Mosaic Gemstone

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