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Fun Spring Dates with Colorful Jewelry

March 5th, 2022

Fun Spring Dates with Colorful Jewelry

Springtime is a colorful season with flowers budding and animals coming out of hibernation. Once the snow has melted and temperatures rise, then it’s time to get outside and have some fun. Enjoy a much-needed date with the one you love or brunch with a group of friends. Colorful jewelry will match the energy that spring projects and will only add to your enjoyment. Looking for some suggestions for fun spring date ideas along with the vibrant jewelry pieces that will pair with most outfits? Our experts compiled a guide to some of our favorites this season.

White Gold And Sapphire Ring

Lakeside Sunsets

Watching the sunset while sitting on the bank of the dunes next to Lake Michigan will be an amazing way to celebrate a warmer season. Kick-off your night or end a perfect day with a picnic and quality time in sublime nature.

This white gold and sapphire ring with diamond accents from Albert’s Collection of fashion jewelry will heat up the night with a beautiful sparkle that matches the night sky.

Gemstone Necklace

Spring Frolicking in Public Gardens

Experience nature’s rebirth in one of the beautiful public gardens near Schererville. The range of formal, botanical, and community gardens makes for a romantic backdrop of flowers and plants bursting with bright, spring colors.

A beautiful addition to this lovely day would be a gemstone necklace from Shy Creation. The multicolored oval opals are set in yellow gold with sparkling diamonds haloing each stone to create unique blooms that will mirror the beauty around you.

Sterling Silver And Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet

Enjoy Local Brews

Local breweries, wineries, and distilleries usually have tours and tasting rooms to sample new flavors and favorites. Many even have restaurants attached so you can grab a bite to eat while enjoying a delicious alcoholic beverage. Or, grab a cup of coffee or tea at a local cafe and sip your tasty drink together on their patio or as you walk through town.

This subtle sterling silver and lapis lazuli beaded bracelet from Lagos makes for easy wear and will catch the light beautifully as you move throughout your adventure.

Amethyst Stud Earrings

Colorful Scenic Dates

Warmer weather means more time to get active in nature. Take a group hiking through wilderness trails, or plan a hike with your significant other. See the leaves starting to form on the barren trees and let your love grow as you bond. Bike trails are fun for those with a competitive streak.

These amethyst stud earrings from Albert’s Collections will not get in the way and will still add a dash of color to your activewear.

Drop Earrings

Jewelry for the Road

Take a drive to explore new areas for a day trip this spring to Chicago or the Great Lakes. Somewhere new brings a bit of excitement and after a dreary winter, it will be nice to get out on the open road without the worry of ice.

Feel the wind blow through your hair and these fantastic drop earrings from John Hardy. Their bright colors and fluid form are wonderful for casual wear with a modern flair.

Spring Dates Jewelries

Find Jewelry for Spring Dates at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers has a wonderful selection of colorful jewelry for fun spring dates. Enjoy a fun day or evening around Schererville, Indiana, and make sure to stop by our beautiful showroom. Our professional jewelers can assist with jewelry and watch repair as well as create a custom design piece of jewelry to match the ideas you may have. Contact us so that we can start the process today or ask any other questions you may have about your shopping experience.