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Expert Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

July 25th, 2021

Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and accessorizing with bridal jewelry is a great opportunity to showcase your personal style. While the wedding dress often plays center stage, your bridal jewelry is equally important, and there are few things to take into consideration. Read on for tips on choosing the perfect pieces to create a stunning wedding day look.


Weddings are steeped in tradition, and while no one says you can’t break them, there are a few traditions that are fun to honor. Start off with “something borrowed” and build your wedding day jewelry ensemble from there. Rather than waiting until the last minute to pick your sentimental piece and risk it clashing with the rest of your jewelry, choose the treasured piece you plan to borrow first and build around it. Then, mixing and matching your own carefully selected accessories will create the perfect wedding day look.

Another tradition to pay homage to is “something blue,” which gives you an opportunity to spice up your look with a brilliant flash of color. While the rest of your accessories may be diamond-heavy, try a beautiful pair of gemstone earrings to throw in some flair. These exquisite diamond drop earrings feature a brilliant blue sapphire in the center of each teardrop.

Couple to be Married


Wedding magazines and social media websites are great for inspiration but don’t let someone else’s idea of the perfect wedding day be your only guide. Trends are always focused on the moment, but years later, when you look back on your wedding photos, you want to fondly remember the beautiful details of the day—not wonder why you ever thought those enormous hoop earrings were a good look on you.

When it comes to your bridal accessories, the best expert advice is to be yourself. Choose pieces that are uniquely you and reflect your personal style while elevating it to a level fitting for your big day. If you are a gold hoop kind of girl, opt for a pair that has delicate diamond accents to give your earlobes a dazzling sparkle.


If your everyday attire is a bit eclectic, your wedding day doesn’t have to be any different. Just because your dress is most likely to have a monochrome theme, don’t let it constrain you. On your wedding day don’t be afraid to mix up your metals and your stones for a style that makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. Bridal jewelry is increasingly embracing mixed metal engagement rings and wedding bands, pairing finishes like white and rose gold, so don’t be afraid to rock it in your overall ensemble.

This lovely heart pendant from Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is a great way to achieve this look – the smaller rose gold heart nested inside a larger sterling silver heart will pair beautifully with a plunging, strapless, or sweetheart neckline and beautifully symbolizes the joining of two hearts in love.

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Your wedding day is one you will remember for the rest of your life. While it is tempting to push the limits and wear an unusual piece of jewelry, be wary of something that is too far from your usual tastes. Remember that your special day will be memorialized in photos so if you hate a certain type of jewelry, avoid a piece that will make you cringe whenever you look at your photo album. Wear what makes you happy, not what you feel obligated to wear.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you so take advantage of the opportunity to show off your beautiful jewelry collection by changing it up throughout the day. Brides often change out of their cumbersome dress into something elegant yet comfortable for the reception and your jewelry should change with the outfit.


Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is the best place to find all of your bridal accessories. Since 1905 we have been helping brides make their wedding dreams come true. We understand that choosing a flawless look for your special day can be overwhelming and we are here to help!

We are committed to giving each of our customers a warm and personalized experience. Visit us online today for inspiration and be sure to make an appointment at our Schererville location for a style consultation. One of our expert associates will be happy to help you develop the perfect wedding day jewelry ensemble just for you.