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Everything to Know About Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds

February 5th, 2022

Natural vs. Lab Created Diamonds

Formation of Natural Diamonds

The rarity of naturally occurring diamonds is a result of both the rare conditions as well as the incredibly long time it takes for them to form. A natural diamond is made of crystallized carbon, formed beneath the earth’s surface over millions of years. Extreme temperature and pressure bond carbon atoms together to create a brilliant, reflective diamond.

After the diamonds’ formation, they must travel from the depths of the earth by significant force. Volcanic eruption is one of the only natural occurrences strong enough to achieve this, drudging these rare stones from far below.

Natural Diamonds

How Lab Grown Diamonds are Made

Lab grown diamonds are, in fact, real diamonds. They have an identical chemical composition, being made of crystallized carbon. The main difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is their origin.

The extreme conditions needed to create diamonds are recreated in the lab to produce diamonds that are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds. These processes also result in diamonds that are unique from one another, just as they would occur beneath the earth’s surface.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Value and Cost

There are quite a few differences between natural and lab created diamonds that have little to do with the appearance of the stone but are important to consider when shopping for diamond jewelry.

One significant difference is the cost. Because lab created diamonds are fairly new to the market, they are, on average, around 20-30% less expensive. With lab created diamonds, you can get a brilliant stone that is identical to a natural diamond at a much cheaper price point. However, as the upfront cost is lower, the resale value of lab grown diamonds is not as high as natural diamonds.

Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, diamond mining can cause imbalances in the natural equilibrium of an environment. These effects are nearly totally mitigated by lab grown diamonds. Carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts are either eliminated or significantly lessened.


Which Diamond Is Right For You’

When determining whether to purchase a natural or lab grown diamond, there are certainly many points to consider. For instance, if you’re seeking to buy an heirloom piece with higher resale value, a natural diamond is certainly the better choice. But those looking for something more cost effective should opt for a lab grown diamond.

It is important to remember, though, that natural and lab grown diamonds are virtually identical. Many experts may not even be able to tell the difference visually. Each is exactly as hard and long lasting as the other, and creates as much sparkle.

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