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Best Gifts for National Girlfriend Day

July 25th, 2022

Best Gifts for National Girlfriend Day

Some people’s love language necessitates gift giving, even if it’s something small. To them, a gift shows you care, understand their personality, and think about them often. While many people have not heard of National Girlfriend Day, that’s what makes it so perfect! It’s a superb time to show your love and appreciation on August 1st, as it has the rare element of surprise. Jewelry always makes for an excellent gift, so here are a few of our favorite pieces available in our Albert’s Diamond Jewelers showroom.

Heart necklaces

Your Heart on Display

Heart necklaces are a classic way to show off your love. The heart motif has represented romance since the 13th century, first appearing in the French medieval manuscript Romance of the Pear; although this is disputed. In the illustrated manuscript, a lover is handing a damsel his heart. Today, the symbol is ubiquitous. Its presence immediately conveys affection, romance, and closeness. Heart necklaces use this symbol as a pendant, making it the focal point of one’s silhouette.

At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we understand jewelry and its emotional significance. That’s why we offer this sterling silver and 10k rose gold heart necklace. With its feminine silhouette and sophisticated color contrast, it's a fantastic piece to convey your affection.

yellow gold and rose gold rings

Further Their Fashion

Every jewelry enthusiast has a collection of fashion rings. These rings are often worn with other rings to create a “stack.” By doing so, the wearer can express their sense of style and personality in their own way. They can organize their rings in a pattern that draws the eye where they want them. Layering slender pieces with thicker ones can create a complete and dynamic look.

This diamond and opal 14k yellow gold ring by Shy Creation is an exemplary piece of jewelry. Bearing a blue-green opal accentuated by brilliant diamonds, this ring serves as a marvelous focal point for a stack. It is guaranteed to be a wardrobe favorite, ensuring that they will think of you every time they slip it on. This rose gold Ania Haie ring is a perfect choice for those with a more minimalist look.

sterling silver and yellow gold infinity bangle

A Job for a Bangle

Bracelets are fantastic luxury accessories. Easy to wear and easy to pair, an attractive bracelet is quick to be a favorite. Bangles are especially fashionable. These bracelets have a minimalist silhouette, ensuring that they’ll go well with any outfit. That’s why they make great gifts. Unlike some styles, they are an unforgettable reminder of a relationship.

Our sterling silver and yellow gold infinity bangle emphasizes an eternity of love, as exemplified by the infinity symbol. Made of sleek sterling silver, the infinity symbol represents a relationship sure to last forever. It’s a great way to express love and show your girlfriend that you will always be there.

Gifts for National Girlfriend Day

Find Gifts for National Girlfriend Day at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

At Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, we have the perfect selection to make National Girlfriend Day better than ever. Our designer brands and in-house collections allow for a wide variety of options, ensuring that you will find the perfect present to give to your special someone.

In the future, we also offer the best engagement rings and wedding bands to cement a lifelong love. In case the worst comes to pass and her jewelry breaks, we provide professional jewelry repair and other services. Call our Schererville, Indiana showroom at (219) 322-2700 to learn more about our selection and staff.