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Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings: Daringly Vogue for an Unforgettable Proposal

December 10th, 2018

Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings: Daringly Vogue for an Unforgettable Proposal

You know what they say '€" new year, new you. If the new you is planning on setting out on the journey of new love, you're going to want to choose the right ring to seal the deal in style. With so many options, how can you know which is best for your love’

Asscher-cut engagement rings are a modern bride-to-be's dream. Their inherent sleekness and regal demeanor will help set the tone of your partnership for years to come.

Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings: What Makes an Asscher Diamond Shine’

A product of the Asscher brothers' unique vision around the turn of the twentieth century, the diamonds used in asscher-cut engagement rings borrow many aspects of other common diamond shapes.

Most similar to a square emerald-cut diamond, asscher-cut engagement rings share the style's cropped corners and mirror-like pavilion facets. Most are characterized by four sides of equal length, but some asscher-cut diamonds do come in the oblong variety. Their high crowns and relatively small tables increase their internal surface area, making them one of the most sparkly cuts you can choose for your partner's engagement ring.

Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings We Love: Designer Spotlight on A. Jaffe

As an authorized A. Jaffe retailer, we're more than obligated to highlight their exquisite offerings in the category of asscher-cut engagement rings.

A. Jaffe Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The great thing about asscher-cut engagement rings: the shape of the center stone is so breathtaking that it often needs very little additional adornment to look polished and chic. The A. Jaffe Metropolitan asscher-cut engagement ring is an excellent example of this principle at play. Their Seasons of Love asscher-cut engagement ring offers much of the same, with the addition of two fabulous rows of diamonds making their way around the band in a halfway continuity. Ditto for this slightly more petite take on the same concept.

A. Jaffe Double Halo Asscher Engagement Rings

Those looking to really drive home the glam-factor will be happy to know that A. Jaffe also offers many halo asscher-cut engagement rings. Their Art Deco collection is rife with them, each more fabulous than the last. This stunner from the series dazzles in platinum; its elevated stone jumps out vibrantly in its four-prong setting. This double-halo asscher-cut engagement ring takes things to the next level with an additional ring of accompanying stones bordering the main attraction. This one will definitely be difficult for her to say no to; well worth the investment, in our opinion.

Fabulous Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings Exclusively at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

In the mood for love? So are we. For a hands-on consultation with our expert team of diamond specialists, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We've got plenty to choose from, no matter what the occasion or desired style.

Whether you visit us in Schererville or Merrillville, you already know you'll be in good hands. Our repair services, our competitive pricing, and our flexible financing options for those who qualify make the Albert's experience unlike anything else in Indiana. If you're ready to pop the question in 2019, an asscher-cut engagement ring from Albert's Diamond Jewelers just might be the way to go.