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5 Push Present Ideas for New Mothers

October 22nd, 2019

5 Push Present Ideas for New Mothers

It's a tribulation to be pregnant and give birth! Nine months of carrying a kid, followed by having to go through labor—that's a struggle worthy of a gift. That's the mindset that goes into the contemporary idea of the push present.

When you're looking to express your admiration for the work that your partner invested in pushing a human being out of her body, you may want to get her a push present. But what does a push present look like? What are the traditions that go into it? Here at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, we have a few ideas for push presents that convey your love in a personal, elegant manner.

Eternity Rings

Eternity bands are usually chosen as bridal jewelry, but there's something truly special about picking an eternity band as a push present. Consider it this way: When she opens the box, she'll see a symbol that summons memories of your marriage, which is a magnificent thing to follow up giving birth. Also, since the gemstone and diamond-studded look of an eternity band follows the entire circumference of the band, it's saying you want to be with her every step of the way—all the way into eternity with her.

Charm Jewelry

Charms make an excellent push present because they're perfect for expressing remarkable events and identities in a woman's life. Once you get your beloved a gold bracelet from PANDORA, she can decorate it with any number of charms that'll make her feel one-of-a-kind. Does she want some charms that reflect her new child? Maybe ones that celebrate motherhood? Alternatively, it's possible that she'd prefer a charm that's more abstract—and PANDORA offers hundreds of different options ideal for any woman.

Push Present Jewelry

Heart Necklaces

Is there any better symbol of love than a heart necklace? When you want to tell your partner how much you adore her, getting her a push present that says "I love you" a thousand times in every glimmer of gold or diamond facet is a gift that'll bring a tear to her eye. Whether she enjoys the colorful organic curves of a white gold treasure from Rhythm of Love with floating diamonds, there's a heart necklace option available for any new mom's unique tastes!

Tennis Bracelets

A tennis bracelet is kind of the quintessential "classy mom" accessory. Women who want to stay active and vital members of the community while looking smashing often turn to adding a glitzy tennis-style diamond bracelet to their daily look. If your beloved wants to get up after giving birth and get back into working out, doing everyday routines, or she's looking forward to getting back to a job, why not choose a tennis bracelet that will elegantly follow her without adding a burden to her routine’

Diamond Earrings

So, here's a fun fact about pregnancy: Changes in hormones and water retention can drastically alter the size of a woman's fingers, wrists, and neck. Many women feel awkward about this, and it can make wearing jewelry specific to those areas uncomfortable. If your partner is still struggling with bodily changes during and after pregnancy, why not choose jewelry that's never affected by bodily changes? A glittering pair of diamond earrings fills this requirement perfectly.

Discover the Perfect Push Present at Albert's Diamond Jewelers

If you'd like more ideas about push presents available at Albert's Diamond Jewelers, don't hesitate to give us a call at our two locations: Schererville, Indiana at (219)-322-2700 or Merrillville, Indiana at (219)-769-1976!