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5 Hidden Details That Delight

August 25th, 2021

Married Couple

We love hidden details in engagement rings! They do two things: create excitement and allow for romantic features. Whether you are looking for a designer engagement ring or considering what elements to add to your custom creation, these secret details might just be the finishing touch you have been searching for. Plus, you will have little details that are known well to only you and your partner. Everyone else will need to catch a glimpse at just the right moment, assuming they’re so lucky!

Concealed Colorful Gemstones

Give your engagement ring a touch of color by choosing a ring with a hidden gemstone. Some designers naturally place a gemstone within the inner ring layer, but you can also have a jeweler place a gem of your choosing. Not only will this give you a pop of playful color, but it can add even more meaning to your ring. For every color, there is symbolism.

Blue sapphire is a popular gemstone accent choice because of its meaning: loyalty and devotion. Denoted as joy, happiness and love, pink tourmaline has a visage as playful as its meaning. Full of love, courage, safety and passion, don a ring with a deep red ruby.

It Is All In The Side Stone Setting

Many rings are adorned with diamonds and other gemstones across the outer band, but the beauty is in the details. Did you know you can choose the diamond setting, which completely transforms the look of the ring? These outer band diamonds can be placed in pavé, prong or channel settings. Pavé is lush, prong is classic, and channel is secure.

Cathedral Ring

The Detailed Cathedral

Like a gallery displaying breathtaking artwork, the gallery of the ring (the space beneath the center stone) is a space to include glittering hidden details. Consider engravings, delicate scrolls, milgrain, and peek-a-boo diamonds—all possible due to the sensational cathedral setting. The cathedral setting heightens the diamond, the drama and the details.

Envision yourself in a Venetian engagement ring by Verragio. This ornate white and rose gold ring is dripping with unparalleled style. The rose gold playfully draws attention to the space between the arches and the shank, with blossoming petals forming a basket underneath the center diamond.

The Hidden Halo

The classic halo is designed to be bold, visibly encircling the center stone. Hidden halos sit below the center diamond for a sophisticated and subtle look. This refined style is topping all of the must-have lists in 2021.

Go with Gabriel & Co. for a variety of options with a stunning hidden halo. From above, this hidden halo ring looks like a glamorous side stone ring with tapered shanks reaching towards the center stone. From below, hidden diamond details burst onto the scene. You will find a hidden halo accentuated by a diamond basket and diamonds lining the bridge.

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The Truly Just For You Detail

Consider a comfort fit band for your contentment. This type of engagement ring is designed to maximize comfort with a snug fit that stays perfectly in place all day long. Our favorites are from the Quilted Collection by A. Jaffe.

Discover More Hidden Details

Explore the above designs and even more enchanting engagement rings at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. We have expertly served Northwest Indiana for over 115 years. Schedule a bridal consultation or inquire about our engraving services. Albert’s has been a part of countless love stories. Let us be a part of yours.