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4 Inspired Dream Wedding Dress And Ring Pairings

July 5th, 2021

Dream Wedding Dress And Ring Pairings

When you daydream about your wedding day, what do you see? Maybe you simply envision yourself as happy and surrounded by family and friends or you could have a clearer idea about what your dress and ring might look like. Wherever you're at in the process, we’ve got you covered in our guide to wedding dress and ring pairings. Better envision your wedding day dreams by discovering four unique wedding dress styles and their perfectly paired engagement rings below.

For The Timeless Bride

For when you seek out beauty in the tried and effortlessly true, choose a timeless fit-and-flare silhouette with vintage undertones. See yourself in a minimalist crepe as you gently step forward to kiss the love of your life on your wedding day. Consider a sweetheart neckline look to capture the heart of your spouse-to-be.

Timeless Bride

For The Enchanted Bride

When you want to enchant or are seeking out a romantic look, we recommend the iconic ball gown silhouette wedding dress. Envision an exquisitely full bell-shaped skirt that gently bounces with each step as you make your way down the aisle or around the hall. Choose detailing that reflects your style like off-the-shoulder sleeves or lace accents.

Match this soft and feminine gown with a stunning hidden halo ring from Gabriel & Co. The oval cut center stone is a match made in heaven for the ball gown silhouette. The hidden halo beneath is delicate and a perfect crowning for the enchantingly narrow band.

For The Statement Bride

It may sound uncouth, but being a statement bride means showing off and relishing the attention. This bride is all about glamor and dramatic modes. Shop a backless wedding dress for an unambiguously striking look, completely captivating your partner. Add a lengthy, regal train to elevate the gown.

Statement Bride

For The Unconventional Bride

For those who reject convention, one of the most attractive bridal style trends is that of color. Envision yourself in a subtly colorful gown as you hold your partner’s hand. Shop hues of lavender, gold, pewter, blush, and more. Incorporating color into your gown emits a carefree vibe.

Discover something truly unconventional in the unique Renaissance engagement ring. For such a svelte design, this piece from Verragio is one of the most eclectic engagement rings. The white gold of the band alternates between diamond and circle details dotted by rose gold double ring accents. With diamonds glittering from every angle, this ring is playful and wonderfully modern.

Truly Inspired Engagement Rings

Delve into the gorgeous engagement rings above and discover even more beautiful engagement ring designs at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. When you visit our Schererville jewelry store, our knowledgeable staff can help you find your dream engagement ring, wedding band, or bridal accessories. Albert’s has been a part of the beautiful experiences and cherished memories of Indiana couples for over 100 years. For the best in bridal jewelry, shop Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.