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3 Tips to Make Traveling with Fine Jewelry a Stress-Free Affair

September 5th, 2018

3 Tips to Make Traveling with Fine Jewelry a Stress-Free Affair

Few things feel quite so precarious as bringing jewelry along on vacation. We've all heard the horror stories '€" heirloom pieces lost in transit, valuables stolen right out of pockets on the street. While style is always pretty high up on our list of priorities, the possibility of disaster definitely makes us more than a bit nervous.

Looking fabulous while traveling doesn't have to be hard '€" whether you're flying overseas to see a new part of the world or hitting the road with some friends domestically, we've got plenty of tips on traveling with your jewelry that will keep your collection organized and safe.

Keep It Minimal

This one is tough for us. We meet so many fascinating people while traveling, and making a good first impression is hard without your full arsenal readily on-hand.

Choose pieces that are versatile, things that you'll be able to wear with as many outfits as possible. Paring it down will not only minimize any potential casualties, but it will also give you less to look after while you enjoy the trip itself.

Plus, there's certainly something to be said for having the extra room in your luggage for any new additions to your collection you happen to garner along the way.

Kendra Scott Pendant at Albert's Jewelers

This gorgeous pendant by Kendra Scott can be dressed up or down; a perfect example of a piece you'll be able to get a lot of mileage out of, no pun intended.

Pack it All Well

Staying organized is key '€" not only will this allow you to scope out everything at a glance and easily determine if something is missing, it will also prevent delicate chains and fragile favorites from getting damaged, especially if you're going to be checking a bag.

While there are plenty of DIY ways to make sure everything stays snug and secure, we highly recommend investing in a compartmentalized travel bag for your jewelry, especially if you're somebody who travels a lot.

Leave the Good Stuff Behind

Pop quiz: where is one place your jewelry is guaranteed to stay in your possession and safe from the world? Answer: unfortunately, in your jewelry caddy back home.

The parts of your collection that you would absolutely die without shouldn't be taken anywhere far from home. While the ability to dress yourself to the nines every day of your trip can be very tempting, it simply isn't worth the risk of losing something irreplaceable. You're going to look phenomenal regardless. Your beloved pieces will all be waiting there for you when you're back in town.

That gorgeous diamond Tiffany pendant your aunt gave you for your high school graduation? Easily-recognizable as worthy of theft; you can do without for a week or two.

Your wedding ring? Leave it, opt for a less sentimentally-valuable placeholder instead.

Travelling with your jewelry should never put you in a vulnerable position to lose something truly important.

Hoop Earrings at Albert's Jewelers

In our humble opinion, hoop earrings are definitely a great choice when it comes to the task of deciding what should come with you on your travels and what should not '€" they're generally unadorned, yet they go with everything, adding just a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Get Glam for Your Next Big Trip

We don't know about you, but all this talk of travel has got us hankering for a break and a change of scenery. Naturally, you're going to want to look your best out there in the world, and Albert's Diamond Jewelers has a piece for every trip, whether you're travelling to the city, the mountains, the tropics, or anywhere in between.

We offer a thirty-day exchange policy and financing with approved credit '€" request an appointment via our online portal or give us a call to see if you qualify.