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21 Unique Engagement Ring Selfie Ideas

May 9th, 2022

After gushing to close friends and family members about the proposal, you’re probably interested in showing off your ring to the world. After all, posting a photo on social media is the perfect way to announce your engagement to everyone in your circle.

The good news is that there is no shortage of uniquely beautiful ways to show off your new diamond engagement ring. Below, we’ve compiled 21 unique photo ideas to spark your creativity and help you plan the perfect post.

21 Best Engagement Ring Poses

1. With a Fresh Manicure
With a Fresh Manicure

2. Embracing Your Fiancé
Embracing Your Fiancé

3. Slipping on the Ring
Slipping on the Ring

4. In Front of a Scenic Backdrop
In Front of a Scenic Backdrop

5. With a Love Letter
With a Love Letter

6. Holding Hands
Holding Hands

7. With Flowers
With Flowers

8. Spelling it Out
Spelling it Out

9. At the Beach
At the Beach

10. In Front of a Famous Landmark
In Front of a Famous Landmark

11. Laughing Together
Laughing Together

12. Flashing Big Smiles
Flashing Big Smiles

13. With Your Future Bridesmaids
With Your Future Bridesmaids

14. Leading Your Fiancé
Leading Your Fiancé

15. Enjoying Your Vacation
Enjoying Your Vacation

16. Making a Toast
Making a Toast

17. In Front of the Setting Sun
In Front of the Setting Sun

18. All Dressed up
All Dressed up

19. With Sweet Treats
With Sweet Treats

20. Sharing a Kiss
Sharing a Kiss

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