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Engagement Ring Care

Engagement Ring Care by Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Why Should You Keep Your Engagement Ring Maintained?

Engagement rings may be made out of materials that will outlive civilizations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t accrue wear and tear over time. If you take simple steps to keep your engagement ring sparkling, that care will pay out dividends in years to come.

But what does it mean to care for your jewelry? It’s definitely not the case that every piece should be treated alike. For example, 14k gold may be cheaper than 24k gold, but did you know that when you have a larger amount of gold in an engagement ring, it’s softer and easier to dent or scratch? Every material requires a different kind of care, and it’s important to know what’s what.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Engagement Ring Undamaged

When it comes to physical damage like dents and scrapes, one of the most important things to remember is that there are perfectly acceptable times to take your engagement ring off! Don’t buy into the idea that it’s against “the rules” to take off your bridal jewelry. We at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers suggest that when you’re in a situation where you’re putting a lot of stress on your hands, putting your hands in water & chemicals, or lifting heavy objects, you ought to temporarily remove your engagement ring.

We can’t provide an exhaustive list of “do take off your ring” scenarios, but they may include lifting heavy suitcases, swimming, dishwashing, gardening, moving furniture, going to the gym, or doing laundry. We know you can’t predict perfectly when you’ll be in situations where your engagement ring will be at risk, but when you know you’re going to be in one, the ideal response is to leave your engagement ring in its box.

To that end, make sure you have a proper box! It’s not a good idea to just toss your engagement ring into a cluttered, unlined box with a half-dozen knotted necklace chains and earrings whose backs are lost. To keep your ring’s prongs intact and unscratched, invest in an individual jewelry box that’s lined with soft material like velvet or velour.

If you’re in public and have to do something that may prove damaging to your engagement ring, it may be a better idea to keep your ring on regardless. The possibility of some damage is preferable to losing your beloved engagement ring, after all!

Maintenance to do at Home

Not only is it not impossible to do maintenance on your engagement ring at home, we advise you to do it on the regular! The jewelry experts at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers advise you to clean your engagement ring by hand about once a month. Because precious metals and diamonds are long-lasting and relatively unreactive, they’ll stay untainted by corrosion or rust. However, even these ultra-durable materials will develop grimy film or patinas over time, thanks to skin oils, water stains, lotions and perfume, and dirt.

It’s not advisable to experiment with cleaners and other agents like bleach, chlorine, or acetone when you’re trying to get your engagement ring back to its original dazzling state. Instead, the tried-and-true methods are the best in this case.

When looking to clean your engagement ring, you should take a mild dish soap (ideally one that’s mild on skin, like Dawn), and add a few drops of it to warm water. Make sure the water isn’t boiling hot, since this could negatively impact the ring or loosen the prongs enough to make diamonds fall out. Once the ring has soaked for a few minutes, scrub away any accumulated grime or patina with a new, soft-bristled toothbrush. Once scrubbed, take your engagement ring and rinse it in lukewarm water, drying it with a soft cloth that won’t get snagged in the prongs.

When dealing with white gold, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t even try this method with white gold engagement rings: Jewelry-quality white gold is almost always coated with a thin layer of rhodium, which adds to the whiteness of the ring. Because of the thinness of the rhodium, even gentler methods can tear up the material. Talk to a trusted jeweler about the best way to care for a piece of white gold jewelry treated with rhodium.

Visiting a Trusted Jeweler for Professional Repairs

While you should take care to do day-to-day maintenance of your engagement ring, it’s also important to take your engagement ring to a jeweler twice a year for a cleaning by a jewelry expert. Professional jewelers, like the ones employed at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, have the skills and tools to keep your engagement ring dazzling.

In addition to professional cleaning and polishing, a jeweler can safely perform a few tasks that you can’t do at home. For example, damage or everyday wear and tear can cause prongs to bend. The skill of a jeweler can repair even the smallest pave prong, and you can always ask your jeweler if they’ll do this service for a ring purchased elsewhere.

Additionally, almost every reputable jeweler will be able to recoat your white gold engagement ring with rhodium. We should note that even though a jeweler can resize a ring, you shouldn’t do it more than once. Metal will become more brittle and breakable when it’s worked (think of what happens when a paperclip is bent again and again), and if you aren’t willing to set your engagement ring aside until your ring fits again, speak to your jeweler about adding sizing beads or inserts.

Remember that it’s extremely important to keep your engagement ring professionally maintained. Not simply because it keeps your ring gorgeous, but also because it will help you to insure your ring for its maximum value.

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